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Hotel Pulitzer Paris 26The famous Paris online Magazine “Do it in Paris” chose the Hotel Pulitzer Paris of El Grupo Regina Hoteles as “The Address of the Week”

You can read the article following the next link: http://www.doitinparis.com/visit-paris/hotel/montmartre-unnusual-hotel-pulitzer-1703


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The characteristic design of the hotels of El Grupo Regina Hoteles, and particularly the one of the Hotel Pulitzer Paris attracted the TV France 2 Channel who’s going to record the program “C’est au Programme ” the next 18 of September. The program will be transmitted the next 24 of September.

Find more information in this link: http://cestauprogramme.france2.fr/

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El característico diseño de los hoteles del Grupo Regina Hoteles y en particular del Hotel Pulitzer Paris atrajo a TV France 2 quien rodará su exitoso programa “C’est au Programme” en las instalaciones del hotel. La transmisión del programa se hará el 24 de septiembre. Próximamente añadiremos algunos clips del programa!

Puedes encontrar información detallada en: http://cestauprogramme.france2.fr/

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The Grupo Regina Hoteles want to keep people inform about the best options of places to visit in the cities where have his hotels (Barcelona, Paris, Roma and soon Buenos Aires) That why we have this Top 10 museums in Paris.

1. Musee du Louvre
Musee du Louvre, Paris, Ile-de-France
You really could spend all day in here. Maybe even 2 days. A fascinating collection of artifacts, even the building itself is amazing. I’ve always felt rushed to get through, so if you really want to enjoy it, get there early and plan your day around it.

2. Musee d’Orsay
Musee d’Orsay, Paris, Ile-de-France
Like the Louvre, interesting collectiong housed within an interesting building. A must if you enjoy art.

3. Musee du Vin
Musee du Vin (Wine Museum), Paris, Ile-de-France
Museum of wine. Pretty sure I don’t have to say anymore.

4. Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe, Paris, Ile-de-France
Not a museum, but worth going to see. Be ready to climb up all the stairs. Small history exhibits near the top provide a small resting place.

5. Centre Pompidou
Centre Pompidou, Paris, Ile-de-France
Just going to see the building alone is worth it. This collections inside are pretty good as well.

6. City Museum of Modern Art
City Museum of Modern Art (Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris), Paris, Ile-de-France
Interesting collection. Most art fans enjoy it.

7. Musee de l’Histoire de France
Musee de l’Histoire de France, Paris, Ile-de-France
I’ve never been, but I’ve heard its pretty good. And yes, there is more to the history of France than retreating.

8. Hotel des Invalides
Les Invalides, Paris, Ile-de-France
Better for history buffs than anyone else, but still interesting nonetheless.

9. Musee du Luxembourg
Musee du Luxembourg, Paris, Ile-de-France
Another must for art fans. Interesting collection, no rush to get through the museum.

10. Musee Picasso
Musee Picasso, Paris, Ile-de-France
If you like Picasso, or think you might, go; you’ll love it. If you’re not a Picasso fan, don’t waste your time.

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Design and fashion are 2 topics that the Grupo Regina Hoteles never forget, that’s why we have selected this interesting article about some options to make the best buys in Paris!

The areas of Abbesses and rue des Gardes have become a magnet for designers, offering a wide and original choice.Forget about quaint Nuns!

paris fashion

Montmartre is not only a picturesque basilica. The worldwide famous hill also welcomes boho Abbesses, and the upcoming area of Goutte-d’Or. Take a wise stroll into its best-kept secrets, and discover its workshops and concept-stores : you’ll find incredible outfits. Let’s start with one of the best boutiques : Spree , well tucked behind the Place des Abbesses, offers very original clothes, coupled with a selection of vintage furniture and a choice of accessories. A few steps away, you’ll find and her Emmanuelle Zysman eclectic jewellery. On the fashionable rue Houdon, numerous workshps will attract your curiosity, including Les Filles à l’Anis, for a girly look. Men aren’t forgotten at Omiz, displaying contemporary urbanwear for all genders.

If this is not enough, be brave and walk some more, down to the Goutte-d’Or area : the stroll will lead you from the Amélie Poulain side of Montmartre to the most cosmopolitan part of the city, fuelled with a wonderful energy. Between rue de la Goutte-d’or and rue Myrrha, you’ll find the rue des Gardes, also called « Fashion street » since 2002 and the opening of numerous workshops. Sakina M’Sa (at n°6) was one of the first to open. She has a great talent for women’s fashion. Dognin (at n°4) sells luxurious sadlery : two of its bags were bought by the famous Parisian fashion museum Galliera. Sylviane Nuffer (at n°6 bis) is dedicated to corsets. All the designers of this street offer high-quality and successful items : the rue des Gardes is a true laboratory of the latest Parisian trends.


Should you be able to afford a luxurious shopping or only willing to check the most beautiful window displays, Paris offers three areas dedicated to stylish fashion : the historical Faubourg-Saint-Honoré (where Paul Poiret had his couture house at the beginning of the XXth century), the adjoining Palais-Royal (where upmarket shops have opened recently), and Saint-Germain-des-Prés (which turned from a literary spot to a very desirable neighbourhood). Of course, start with the legendary Chanel couture house : it hasn’t moved from its original settings on rue Cambon. From there, you just have to walk on Faubourg-Saint-Honoré and rue Saint-Honoré : exclusive labels fight for your attention. The unique Colette (the first true Parisian concept-store, opened in the Nineties) is at 213 and was renovated this summer. A few steps away you will find the Palais-Royal, a luxury piazza dedicated to the very best of fashion : alongside the historical galleries, you’ll find Martin Margiela , Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs, and even the very Pope of vintage Didier Ludot (beware, it’s not a thrift-store, but more a museum-like boutique with fantastic displays and high prices).


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Fashion Freak

Si nous parlons d’Irrévérence, l’esprit Fashion Freak emporte tous les prix dans le monde de la mode. Avec 6 éditions au succès grandissant à Barcelone, Fashion Freak s’est converti en l’unique festival  de mode d’Espagne et en l´évènement le plus important de Barcelone.
Entre le 1er et le 7 juin derniers, plus de 20 évènements ont été programmés et plus de 70 designers indépendants promotionnés; ces sept jours ont donné une nouvelle vie à Barcelone.

Fashion Freak est le festival de design et de mode qui fusionne les arts, la danse, la musique électronique et la mode (stylisme, photographie, maquillage, coiffure, etc.) dans une nouvelle vision globale de la mode et son univers. Dans cette plate-forme de décollage se situent les designers d’avant-garde de nombreux pays présentant leurs collections novatrices.

Le 25 juin, de 18 à 21hs, Fashion Freak sera à Paris à l’Hôtel Pulitzer (www.hotelpulitzer.com) pour présenter une sélection de ses designers les plus intéressants ayant assisté à la dernière édition Barcelona Fashion Freak 6.

Les stylistes présentés sont :

Esther Sancho http://esthersancho.es 
Fanny Punsola http://fannypunsola.blogspot.es
Le Secret de Marie http://lesecretdemarie.com
Marthe Aimé http://martheaime.fr
Nerea Lurgain http://nerealurgain.com

Raquel Acero http://raquelacero.com
Roberto Diz http://dizdeluxe.com

Rolling Reveu http://www.flickr.com/photos/rolling_reveu

Nous aurons le grand plaisir de recevoir chaque journaliste professionnel intéressé par la culture du design, de la mode et des expressions d’avant-garde.
Entre 18h00 et 21h00 ils pourront s´entretenir avec nous, mais également découvrir en continue le travail des designers présentés entre 10h00 et 19h00.

Pour s’accréditer nous vous proposons de remplir le formulaire ci-joint: http://fashionfreak.es/presse.html 
Pour plus d’ informations, veuillez vous adresser à : presse@fashionfreak.es
Plus d’information sur: http://fashionfreak.fr ( version espagnole encore )

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