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The Hotel Pulitzer Paris give you some tips about transportation in Paris

Taxi in Paris

Unlike other international cities, taxis in Paris generally have no standard colour or distinguishing pattern; they are simply marked with a taxi light on the roof. 
To hail a cab, look for a taxi which shows the light illuminated, indicating that it is free.
There are many taxi ranks situated throughout Paris, as you are not permitted to hail a taxi more than 50 metres away. 

The meter will show the fare, but extra fees do occur, for example with luggage to be handled.

Metro and bus in Paris

The Paris Métro is the second busiest metro system in Europe, moving millions of passengers around the city every day.
A symbolic Paris monument, it’s known for its Art Nouveau style, over a huge network of metro and RER train lines.

There are 16 metro lines, numbered and coloured. RER train lines are lettered A-E. Check out a map of the Paris Métro. 
Lines run from 5am to 1am daily and later on Friday and Saturday nights. On certain holidays, for example on New Year’s Eve, there are special services which run all night.  

The standard one-journey t+ ticket costs 1.50 Euro and is available at any machine or kiosk. It is valid for 90 minutes over the whole metro network, including bus, métro, tram and zone 1 of the RER.  For multiple journeys, the Carnet offers better value, with 10 tickets at just over 11 Euro.

If you’re not in a hurry, the bus network in Paris gives you easy sightseeing opportunities. Check out a map of the Paris bus network.

Major transport stations in Paris

There are six important train stations in Paris, as follows: 

Northern Paris: Gare du Nord (10th arrondissment), which serves most international arrivals from Northern Europe, including the Eurostar from London. 
Also in the 10th arrondissement, Gare de l’Est, a hub for Central European destinations. Gare Saint Lazare (8th arrondissement) has arrivals from Normandy and England.

Southern Paris: Trains from Gare de Lyon and Gare d’Austerlitz (12th arrondissement) depart to Southern France, Spain and Italy. Gare Montparnasse (14th arrondissement) serves trains for Western France.

There are two major bus terminals, for international Eurolines arrivals to Paris. In the East,Gallieni, at Porte Bagnolet metro, and in the West, a new bus terminal at La Défense.

Those needing luggage storage can use the self-service facilities available at Gare du Nord

Driving and Parking in Paris

Drivers in Paris are notorious for speeding, skipping traffic lights, parking illegally and not obeying driving regulations, so if you must bring your car to Paris, prepare yourself to be extra alert and vigilant while driving in the city centre. 

When driving in Paris, you will typically find “Pay and Display” machines for short parking stays, but there is a 24 hour limit. 

There will normally be public car parking facilities spread throughout the city, although taking public transport is a much easier way of getting around town. 

To find the nearest car park to an apartment, have a look at this parking link, which maps the public car parks in central Paris and can be booked in advance.

Paris Roissy Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport transfer information


Trains from Paris CDG airport into the centre

Trains take approximately 35 minutes, departing every 15 minutes from the airport, between 5am-midnight and 7am-11pm at weekends. From terminal 1 take the green shuttlebus and from terminal 2 take the blue shuttlebus, to arrive at the airport train terminal; North Terrace.

From here, service RER Line B runs from the airport to Gare du NordChatelet-des-HallesSt. Michel and Denfert-Rochereau, connecting with the metro. A single fare is under 8 Euro.

Roissybus from Paris CDG airport into the centre

Every 15 minutes a shuttle bus service to central Place de L’Opéra stops at all three terminals at Paris CDG airport. The Roissybus takes you from the airport into the city centre in about 45 minutes. A one-way ticket costs 8.20 Euro. Service runs from 6am-11pm daily.

Taxi from Paris CDG airport into the centre

We recommend our guests take this easy way of transport to get straight to the accommodation. Taxis from Paris CDG airport into Paris take about 45 minutes and cost about 30-45 Euro.

Paris-Orly (ORY) airport transfer information


Trains from Paris-Orly airport into the centre

The Orlyval shuttle bus connects Paris-Orly airport with Anthony train station, every 6 mins approximately, from 6am-11pm daily. From Anthony station, take the RER Line B to Denfert-RochereauSt. Michel and Port Maillot, connecting with the metro
The journey takes about 30 minutes and the combined single ticket costs just under 9 Euro.

Orlybus from Paris-Orly airport into the centre

Every 15 minutes the Orlybus shuttle service to central Place Denfert-Rochereau stops at Paris-Orly airport. The Orlybus takes you from the Paris-Orly airport into the city centre in about 25 minutes. A one-way ticket costs just under 6 Euro. Service runs from 6.30am-11pm.

Taxi from Paris-Orly airport into the centre

We recommend our guests take this easy way of transport to get straight to the accommodation. Taxis from Paris-Orly airport into Paris take about 30 minutes depending on traffic and cost about 20-30 Euro, however make sure you agree on the fare before your departure.

Bus from Paris-Beauvais (BVA) airport into Paris centre


Paris-Beauvais airport is just under an hour and a half by coach to Paris. The bus which goes direct from this airport to Port Maillot in central Paris, departs 20 minutes after the arrival of any Ryanair flight. At Port Maillot, connect with the metro and RER. This is 5 minutes to walk from the bus stop.

The fare is around 13 Euro for a single journey; tickets are sold at the kiosk (cash only) in the airport before boarding the coach. It’s possible to find the timetable for this service by looking online. A taxi from Paris-Beauvais airport into Paris is highly expensive and not recommended.



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